Getting started with Angular2 and .NET core

I’ve found a few nice articles to get you started with Angular 2 and .NET core. Normally it would be somewhat of a hassle to get started, but this should provide you with some working samples.

  1. Fast track your Angular 2 and .NET Core
  2. Angular 2 and .NET Core – your first component
  3. Angular 2 and .NET Core – route directly to your components

This is a series of posts by Jon Hilton and uses the ASP.NET Core Template Pack  to get started.

2 thoughts on “Getting started with Angular2 and .NET core

  1. arc

    I’m getting this error while creating the application from VS 2015.

    Microsoft Visual Studio
    The following error occurred attempting to run the project model server process (1.0.3).

    Unable to start the process. No executable found matching command “dotnet-projectmodel-server”

    The project model server process provides intellisense, build, and reference information to Visual Studio and without it your experience will be very limited. Please try closing and reopening Visual Studio to see if that corrects the problem. Alternatively, check that the .NET Core SDK is properly installed.

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