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Youtube link to Embed code


Allowing users of your website to include a video into a message, can be done in two ways.

You instruct all the users to go to the video page, find the embed code, let them upload html to your website and displaying the raw html to all users.
You tell them to paste the link to the youtube page, and your website generates the embed code right from that link.

CreatedAt property with Entity framework


You’re building a new application, and you’re using Entity Framework Code First. Probably all your entities need an Id and CreatedAt/UpdatedAt property.
The sample below shows you how to define these properties in a base class, and (more importantly) how to set them correctly on every save, without setting them manually on every place where you’re changing things.

WordPress just got even better!


Yesterday WordPress 4.4 was released, with this version they improved this product even more. The most notable new features are, support for oEmbed and an integrated REST API. What is oEmbed and why is this a new amazing feature? oEmbed is a specification for embedding content from an other website right inside the consuming website. This enables (for instance) Twitter to display the excerpt of a...

Hosting a wordpress plugin on Github


Someone at WordPress decided that if you want to create a plugin for WordPress, you’ll have to host it at their SVN server. Personally I’m not a big fan of SVN, I’m more a GIT person. Lucky for me, it appears I’m not the only one. So for my latest WordPress plugin (REST API – Filter Fields) I used Github. Then I came to a few problems that had to be solved Small...

Filter the fields returned by the wordpress api


WordPress is a great platform for running a website with a content management system behind it. Around a year ago the released a plugin called WordPress REST API. And this is a really nice addition to WordPress. This plugin enables you to retrieve all the posts/comments/terms in a really easy JSON format. JSON vs XML In the last few years JSON has become the default way for app developers to...

Mooie aanbieding of misleiding?


Op advies van mijn moeder heb ik mijzelf laatst aangemeld voor een proefabonnement voor de Volkskrant. Bij het aanmelden stond al een opmerkelijk Ik accepteer vinkje, namelijk: Ik ga akkoord met de voorwaarden en ontvang per e-mail, sms en telefoon exclusieve abonnee- en kortingsaanbiedingen. Maar ik wil toch wel eens proberen of deze krant iets voor mij is, dus ik heb het gewoon aangevinkt...

Shutdown your mac with the keyboard


With my Windows computer I could control the power button action.
I was a bit disappointed that you cannot control this action on a Mac. But now I found out that there is a keyboard shortcut to instantly shutdown your mac.
CMD + alt + ctrl + Power button
I know it is a horrible shortcut, but it works!!

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