Automate your release with Github Actions


I’ve got several node/typescript packages on my Github page. And one of the struggles I faced when starting these, was the manual work needed to release a new version to npm and/or docker hub. Saying goodbye to Travis CI Travis CI was my main tool for automating releases to npm, and checking pull-requests for that matter. It helped me getting a grasp of the automatic release process. While...

Quickly connect to Exchange online powershell


Microsoft is making it really easy to manage your Exchange Online environment from every device. You’ll need an active Azure subscription and be an Exchange Online admin though.Step 1: Open the online shell and pick powershell.Step 2: Typ Connect-EXOPSSession and press enterStep 3: Wait a little bit for it to connectStep 4: Use all the supported commands. Connect-EXOPSSession This magic...

Sonos goodness


I’m a big fan of the sonos devices, but I’m not a big fan of the Sonos app (mac/windows/android/ios), it just isn’t that good. At least the following points should be fixed before I would consider changing my mind: Android/iOS -> Alarm settings are hidden to far in the application. (two clicks, a long scroll and another click).Slowly startup, they do device discovery even though...

Developing a typescript library


I’ve been building node libraries for home automation purposes for a while now, see my repositories. I decided that it was time to try out the strong-type goodness you get when using Typescript. Node-sonos (a library to control your sonos device, from you guessed it, node) was a good candidate. I’m one of the main contributors at this point. In the last two months I spend a lot of...

Interesting dotnet blogs


Andrew Lock – Dependency injection, dotnet core, amazon.Scott Hanselman – dotnet core stuff, diy hacksScott Brady – Identity server, security in generalDamien Bod – mainly Dotnet security/indentityRick Strahl’s Web log – Angular and dotnet coreSteve Gordon – HttpClient, new dotnet core features.Brock Allen – Identity managementVisual studio geeks...

Install wordpress server site


You can install wordpress by using FTP, but sometimes it’s much quicker to do it server site. Basic linux knowledge is needed!. First SSH into the server. Create a database and database user Connect to mysql with mysql -u root -p and specify the root password. You’re now in the mysql prompt (with mysql > infront).Create a database CREATE DATABASE new_database_name; (replace the...

Cache-aside in dotnet core


A really nice way to improve performance in any web application is to using caching. This is also true for dotnet core. The Cache-aside pattern is a best described as. Let’s check the cache if we got the required result, if we got this item cached return that. If we don’t have it in cache, get it from the data store and save it for next time. In dotnet core you can use both Microsoft...

JWT: Part 3 – Sign your own


This is part of my JSON Web Token series. This time to show you how to create your own JWTs in dotnet core. Small note, creating your own token server isn’t something I would recommend! If you need your own token (identity/login/openid connect) server, have a look at Identity Server and the Identity server with Identity quickstart.

Generate X509Certificate2 in C#


Sometimes you just need a X509Certificate2 in your C# code. For authenticating to an external webservice for instance.
This will show you how to create such a certificate right from your C# code. By the way you’ll need the Bouncy castle or Bouncy castle core library
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