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Over the past few years I build a few Node packages to help you automate your home. All these projects (try to) follow the Mqtt Smarthome architecture. These projects are all build because I wanted to support more devices in my own home, but giving support to users is hard because these are all build (and maintained) in my spare-time.


This smarthome bridge will load all data from the evohome (undocumented) api and will send all the needed data to your mqtt server. You can also control your evohome system by sending messages to your evohome system.


This smarthome bridge is a really small FTP server that you can setup to receive alerts from your IP-Cameras. Most IP-Cams have some kind of monitoring system for movement and/or sound and accept a FTP server as a destination. With this bridge you can forward those notifications to your mqtt server and have your rule engine respond to those events.

I use this bridge in combination with Node-Red to send myself an image over telegram as the dog starts barking when we aren’t at home.


This last smarthome bridge lets you control and monitor your sonos system over your mqtt server. You can start playing songs, play notifications on your sonos system and have your home automation system respond to changes in volume, track or speaker groupings.

Other bridges

On mqtt-smarthome/software you can find a lot of these bridges build by several people, so I invite you all to have a look at their ever growing list.

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