WordPress just got even better!

Yesterday WordPress 4.4 was released, with this version they improved this product even more.

The most notable new features are, support for oEmbed and an integrated REST API.

What is oEmbed and why is this a new amazing feature? oEmbed is a specification for embedding content from an other website right inside the consuming website. This enables (for instance) Twitter to display the excerpt of a post instead of just a link to your wordpress website. This specification is originally design by (members of) Flicr, but with the wordpress implementation the adoption will get even bigger.

Filter the fields returned by the wordpress api

WordPress is a great platform for running a website with a content management system behind it. Around a year ago the released a plugin called WordPress REST API. And this is a really nice addition to WordPress. This plugin enables you to retrieve all the posts/comments/terms in a really easy JSON format.


In the last few years JSON has become the default way for app developers to fetch remote data in a mobile app. A nice size comparison between XML and JSON can be found here.

So I wanted to use the wordpress rest api for my next project. It is going to be a mobile application. So I wanted to use JSON as it is smaller then XML (less KB = faster app). By default the api sends back a pretty big JSON file, per post. Last post in JSON